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Born and raised in Venice, California with its abundance of social and cultural diversity, Nikki Gilbert -- aka Sushi Girl ® -- has always embraced the comforts of multiculturalism in her neighbor-hoods and foods. 

By her teens she stumbled upon a passion for Japanese food while working at Mikasa, a favorite 

restaurant from her childhood. She moved on to college, took her enthusiasm for all food things Japanese and talked her way into a job as the only non-Japanese speaking employee at local sushi bar. After graduating with a degree in Ethnic Studies, she moved to Kitakyushu City, Japan where she was hired the prestigious JET Programme, found a home away from home in a local yakitori bar and spent three years soaking up every ounce of Japanese culture possible.

When she returned home to Los Angeles, Nikki founded Sushi Girl ® a Japanese culinary and education company whose main goal was to teach Americans that they "really can make sushi." Her easy to follow teaching style takes the intimidation out of sushi making while her insights on Japanese culture provide the secret ingredient for making sushi that rivals anything you find in your local sushi bar. 

Through Sushi Girl®, Nikki has taught ten of thousands of people to make sushi for themselves including some of the world's most famous celebrities.Having worked and trained in sushi bars in both the U.S. and Japan, including the renowned Masazushi in Otaru, Nikki is sought out for her traditional style of sushi making which emphasizes simplicity and freshness. Her hope is that the sushi she makes for you (or teaches you to make for yourself) will be some of the best you have ever eaten.

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